CK Beckett | Transformer Oil Processing
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Transformer Oil Processing

Due to the increased demand and rigid environmental legislation, CK Beckett

now hold a PPC licence, which is a legal requirement when 10T or more of waste oil

is stored on site.  CK Beckett have invested in a brand new Oil Recycling and storage facility.  This purpose built oil recycling plant  is now fully operational and is currently reprocessing in excess of 3,000,000 litres per annum of used transformer oil.


CK Beckett can collect used transformer oil from anywhere in the UK and Ireland by either Road tanker, 205 litre drums or 1000 ltr IBC’s.  With  used oil collections,

CK Beckett will issue all the legal paperwork required by the environmental agency, thus taking away any worries you may have concerning waste regulation  documentation.



As the plant has been built from new, taking into consideration the EA requirements with regard to reprocessing and recycling waste oil,  our turn-a-round time from waste oil to finished  product is very swift and extremely efficient.   All oil is tested on site before it can be reprocessed, and all finished product (reprocessed oil) meets the relevant Material Safety data and Technical data.

CK Beckett - Oil Processing