CK Beckett has been established since 1984 and work in the purchase and removal of transformers, also associated equipment from electrical substations.

We offer full consultation regarding dismantling and removal techniques, these have been acquired over the last 20 years. All environmental and health and safety issues relating to the disposal of surplus plant from sites will be discussed at any pre-tender meetings.

CK Beckett hold waste management licenses and waste carriers license for the disposal and treatment of Transformers and associated equipment including equipment containing PCB.

CK Beckett is a registered 9001 company, and is in the process of obtaining 14001.

CK Beckett have a pollution prevention control permit number XP3536UB for the storage and processing of transformer oil which is now a legal requirement if 10 tons of waste transformer oil is stored on any site. We are also able to supply new transformer oil.

CK Beckett are a fully registered supplier on the Utilities Vendor Database for the work we carry out, our supplier number 701125. The work we carry out on substations range from removal of only isolators to the complete removal of full sites including transformers.

Not only do we sell Transformers and Switchgear, we also buy them from all around the UK. These can either be purchased at scrap value or
re-sale value depending on the year. Luke our sales manager can give you a unbeatable quote.

If you have any transformers or switchgear to be removed from a redundant site or even upgrading please contact Luke by email, call or even arrange a on-site meeting with him.

What we buy :


Distribution transformers