At Ck Beckett we can offer new and refurbished Transformers which comply to the correct standard. With over 300 Transformers in stock we are one of the largest Transformer stockists in the UK. You will find the prices highly competitive and the perfect solution for you.

Here at CK Beckett refurbished transformers are more than just re-painted old Transformers . They are put through vigorous testing by our top quality on site engineers to provide exceptionally high standard in our products.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality in our Transformers to meet your needs and to provide the shortest lead time possible with our re-conditioned Transformers.

We stock Transformers from 25 KVA up to 60 MVA units, ranging from 415V all the way up to 132,000 with over 300 Transformers available at any 1 time.

Not only do we sell Transformers we also buy them, so if you have a Transformer for sale contact our sales team for a unbeatable quote.

Hiring can be the key solution to your business, here is a 1600 KVA 33000/400V on its way to site. This Transformer has gone out on hire to get the customers site up and running for a short period of time. We can offer temporary power by also hiring out any stock should you have any enquiries.


  • Megger Tested
  • Oil Removal After Oil Sample Is Taken
  • Full Internal Inspection
  • Dismantled
  • Shot Blasted to bare steel
  • Sanded To A Smooth Finish
  • Freshly Painted (Any Colour Available)
  • Re-built With New Nuts, Bolts, Washers And Nut Caps
  • New Gaskets Applied
  • Oil Replaced
  • Megger, Pressure and Ratio Tested
  • Quality Checked
  • Signed Off By Both The Test Engineer And Quality Control Manager Before Despatch

Call, email or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirement , no job is too big or too small for us. We can even help with the installation, delivery and do next day supply. Don’t worry about your old Transformer we can even remove it for you at the same time or to suit you.

Maybe you just need a part that will get your Transformer up and running, Call now for expert advice. We have a wide range of accessories which include radiator valves, pressure release valves, oil temperature indicators, magnetic oil level gauge and much more .


  • REDUCED COSTS:- Purchasing a re-conditioned Transformer can save as much as 30-70% of the cost of a new Transformer.
  • FASTER DELIVERY:- A quicker lead time of 6 to 8 weeks rather than 3 to 6 months on a new Transformer.
  • RESOURCE EFFICIENT ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE:- Using re-conditioned Transformers reduces environmental impact as your re-using valuable resources while eliminating waste and avoiding the green house gases manufacturing a new one.